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Sprint set to introduce tiered data for mobile broadband, steal candy from children (update: 3G only)

Zachary Lutz

There's a rumor flying about that Sprint is about to drop the unlimited act and give its mobile broadband pricing a shot in the arm. Based on its current plan, $50 per month buys you unlimited data, but after this purported change, the same fee will limit you to 5GB each month -- assuming you're already a Sprint customer using data on your phone, because otherwise it'll cost you an additional $10 per month. Sure, we get that Sprint isn't a charity, but is simply copying and pasting Verizon's mobile broadband pricing really the way to go? Like VZW, it's also been suggested that the Now Network will implement a 3GB plan for $35 and a 10GB option for $80. On the bright side (possibly maybe?), Sprint is throwing in an additional 300 minutes on top of its 450 minute voice plan, though frankly we'd rather have more data. Does anyone have change for 300 unused minutes?

Update: Looks like this tiered pricing only applies to 3G, and that WiMAX data plans remain unlimited (see picture after the break).

Update 2: Sprint has confirmed that WiMAX usage over mobile broadband cards will stay uncapped, and would like to remind everyone that its data plans for phones will remain unchanged (and of course, unlimited).

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