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APB Reloaded accepting some players in advance of May 18 open beta


Though the original launch of APB could be considered an extremely costly beta for the free-to-play APB Reloaded, GamersFirst is still working out the details of the new version, starting with a closed beta that began back in February.

If you're ready to try the cops-and-robbers MMO again for the first time, GamersFirst is hosting an open beta starting May 18. You might actually play before that, as the company is beginning to let new players in now -- to "slowly turn up 'the heat' on our servers before going fully 'open,'" as GamersFirst's Bjorn Book-Larsson described it.

You'll need to be 17 (18 outside of the US), have a GamersFirst account, and then sign up online using the same email address. Good luck to those of you trying to get in, and those of you trying to maintain the servers!

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