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Far Cry 3 leaps from stuntmen's resumes


Far Cry 3 has appeared on resumes, nearly three years after it was first mentioned, leading to speculation of an E3 reveal. Internet super-sleuth Superannuation points to several resumes that reference the title. The clearest indications are two stuntmen who've done motion capture work on "Far Cry 3."

The last time the sequel popped up on our GPS proximity sensor was back in 2009, when one of the game's writers told OPM UK that the title was in development at Ubi Montreal. It was previously mentioned that the game would keep the African setting, but a lot can happen in three years -- you know, like several core Assassin's Creed games and spin-offs.

It's worth noting that Far Cry 2 creative director Clint Hocking – tasked with reinventing the franchise following the Crytek-developed original – left the company a year ago yesterday and landed at LucasArts last August. It's unknown if Hocking was involved with Far Cry 3 at all before his departure, but we'll find out who's in charge of it now soon enough.

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