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Harmonix on the state of post-MTV Rock Band DLC


In a new interview with Game Informer, Chris Rigopulos, VP of strategy and business development at Harmonix, addresses the state of downloadable content for Rock Band now that the studio is no longer under MTV. Rigopulos said that Harmonix has "effectively severed all ties with MTV, and all proceeds from Rock Band belong to Harmonix."

He explained that music selection for the Rock Band series had been a "collaborative effort between Harmonix and MTV," noting that most of the downloadable tracks we've seen this year were selected before Harmonix was sold by Viacom (last year). This month's downloadable tracks, said Rigopulos, will be the "first glimpse" at the music the company has secured without MTV. Rigopulos doesn't expect any "dramatic changes" to the music selection process, though he cheekily added, "I doubt you will see any more SpongeBob SquarePants packs."

Rigopulous also discussed the overall success of Rock Band's DLC enterprise, noting that the series recently surpassed 100 million song downloads.

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