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RIFT 'Spoils of War' mini-event kicks off today


To help tide players over until RIFT's 1.2 patch is released, Trion Worlds has set into motion a mini-event from May 4th through the 9th. Titled "Spoils of War," the event serves as an epilogue for last month's River of Souls.

After thwarting Alsbeth and her motley crew, players find that tainted treasure is literally raining from the skies in Telara and earth and fire rifts are appearing everywhere with disturbing frequency. Players will be asked to go on four daily quests -- available in their respective capital cities -- to investigate the "too good to be true" free loot. The quests task players to gather up golden coins in the capitals and special dragon eggshells around the world.

RIFT players who participate can turn these coins and eggshells in for for containers that can hold a variety of goodies. These rewards include rare artifacts, achievements and a new "Gritty Kitty" companion pet.

Currently, RIFT's 1.2 update is tentatively scheduled for May 10th.

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