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Apple issues EFI and Thunderbolt updates for new iMacs, MacBook Pros


Apple has issued several updates for Thunderbolt-equipped iMacs and MacBook Pros. The updates include:

Mac OS X v10.6.7 Update for iMac (Early 2011) -- includes general OS fixes and improved Thunderbolt device support. 382.56 MB.

iMac EFI Update 1.6 -- includes fixes that improve performance and stability for Thunderbolt. 6.1 MB.

MacBook Pro EFI Update 2.1 -- includes fixes that resolve an issue with Turbo Mode in Boot Camp and improve performance and stability for graphics and Thunderbolt. 3.06 MB.

MacBook Pro Software Update 1.4 -- includes fixes that improve graphics stability, address issues with external display support and 3D performance and improve Thunderbolt device support. 132.69 MB.

You can download the individual updates by clicking the links above or run Software Update on your Thunderbolt-equipped iMac or MacBook Pro.

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