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NCsoft's Gaffney: Subscriptions more profitable than microtransactions

Jef Reahard

Jeremy Gaffney may not be a household name to MMO fans, but the Carbine Studios head honcho has been involved in some of the industry's biggest titles as both a developer and an executive. Gaffney helped found Turbine in the Asheron's Call days and also worked on both City of Heroes and Tabula Rasa at NCsoft. In a new interview at, Gaffney talks at length about his industry experiences as well as several hot-button issues including mobile MMOs, mega-launches, and the free-to-play vs. subscription debate.

"There's still a lot of money being made in subscriptions right now. Worldwide there's a lot of money being made in [micro]transactions, but there's probably a bit more money really being made in subscriptions worldwide," he explains.

Gaffney also weighs in on the market segmentation brought about by F2P models and whether MMO mega-launches can still be profitable in a post-World of Warcraft world. Read all about it at

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