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Rayman Origins is a retail game, now coming holiday 2011


When Game Informer revealed the contents of its new issue yesterday, buried under the Assassin's Creed: Revelations hoopla was the promise of Ubisoft news that has nothing to do with white hoodies or hidden knives: "six pages of new details and assets on the gorgeous new platformer, Rayman Origins."

For those assets, you'll have to wait to see the issue for yourself, but NeoGAFfer SolidSnakex summarized the new information about the platformer -- information welcome to those of us who get nervous when they don't get regular status updates about Michel Ancel games.

First announced as a downloadable, episodic title, Origins is now a retail game, and it's due this holiday season. It features four-player local co-op, though whether that is also online is unclear. According to the preview, it's designed to be accessible to players of different skill levels, and for each level to be enjoyable alone or in multiplayer. "I Dare You" challenges will allow players to bet on whether they can complete a "complex, acrobatic chain" to win in-game currency ("Lums.")

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