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BeBook Live tablet delivers the goods for Froyo diehards

Brian Heater

It's pretty fitting that BeBook chose the word "Live" for its new product, because until we got a note from a member of its staff earlier today, we weren't entirely sure it was still kicking. The company has followed up its solid, if pricey, black and white e-reader with, get this, an Android tablet. The BeBook Live tablet has a seven-inch multitouch color screen, a 2MP front facing camera, 1080p HDMI out, Flash support, and 4GB of built-in memory. Weirdly, the device's "tablet OS" is actually Android 2.2, which will no doubt feel downright antiquated when it launches in June for $279 -- which, to the company's credit, is significantly cheaper than its lower tech predecessor. Video after the break that may or may not be narrated by the Moviefone guy.

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