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First installment of LA Noire: The Collected Stories posted

The first of eight original short stories in Rockstar's LA Noire: The Collected Stories series has just hit the web. Jonathan Santlofer's What's In a Name? (no relation to our own series, we assure you) tells the story of "a sociopath with high hopes, and a curious knowledge of the Los Angeles underworld. And of a young LAPD detective working to crack the latest murder case to terrify the city." The series, which includes big names like Joyce Carol Oates, revisits some of the "characters and cases in the game." If you'd rather wait until all eight installments are available, "the complete L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories which will be available for download at all major eBook retailers" on June 6th.

For your reading convenience, Rockstar is offering a downloadable PDF or, if you find yourself sans-Kindle or iPad, perhaps the web-based reader is more your speed. At a brisk 4100 words, it shouldn't take you long to read it, so you can get back to doing more important things ... like not playing LA Noire for another ten days.

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