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Allods Online shows off Isle of Revelation prior to European launch


While Allods Online's European players may be surfing behind their North American comrades in terms of updates, their long wait is almost over. On Wednesday, Allods Online will launch in Europe, bringing with it the mega-patch that gPotato's excited to show off. The delay for the European launch was due to a number of factors, including market adjustments, localization, and an additional pass for polish.

The launch patch not only comes with two new zones but also includes a welcome revamp to the rune system, which allows players to utilize and swap them much more efficiently than before.

While we can't make Wednesday come any sooner (trust me, we tried, but Stephen Hawking sent us a cease-and-desist for tampering with the space-time continuum), we are able to bring to you seven intriguing screenshots from Allods Online's Isle of Revelation. You can check out these pictures in the gallery below!

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