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APB Reloaded rolls out new patches, East Coast server move


Looks like we have ourselves a convoy... of patch notes! As All Points Bulletin continues to truck down the highway toward open beta and re-release, the APB Reloaded dev blog continues to deliver the news of progress, and today that includes two sets of patch notes and word of a server move to an East Coast location.

APB Reloaded's East Coast server move to Washington, DC will be taking place later this week. This should help improve latency times for those playing in the eastern half of North America.

The blog also lists the nitty-gritty details of Releases 79 (May 5th) and 80 (May 10th). These changes include exploit fixes and tweaks to several weapons to bring them in line. GamersFirst is saving the really big bullet points for the May 18th update, which will coincide with the open beta. The blog hints that we should hopefully be hearing about the features for this mega-patch soon.

You can read the full details
over on the APB Reloaded dev blog.

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