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ArcheAge housing, ship construction, labor system detailed

Jef Reahard

New details regarding ArcheAge's extensive non-combat gameplay have emerged, and has a three-part breakdown of the game's labor system, ship-building, and house construction mechanics. The labor system ties ArcheAge's various crafting, gathering, and construction sub-systems together under one umbrella and provides the player with a pool of labor points that power most of the activities. The points accrue at fixed intervals (whether you're online or not). There also appears to be some delineation in the point possibilities afforded to high-level users and their low-level counterparts (AAportal cites "more luxurious activities" like dance parties as possible labor point expenditures for more advanced players).

Ship construction will necessitate a group effort due to the considerable resource requirements. Hull plans are purchased from NPCs and activated at the shipyard, at which point the player will see a basic frame in drydock. After players deposit the requisite resources and set the payment for their NPC workers, enterprising ship captains will be able to view the construction process. Sailing a ship involves factors ranging from tidal currents, to wind strength, to the angle of the mast, as well as managing your player crew (each member of which has a distinct job on the ship).

Housing is similarly involved, with yards, farms, and furniture crafting available. Houses can also be built anywhere in the world and come in various types, sizes, and architectural styles. Head to for all the details.

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