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City of Heroes planning to launch the Global Server List on May 10th

Eliot Lefebvre

There's a distressing shortage of games that let you play worldwide, with players from different countries mingling freely. City of Heroes is taking that plunge, however. It was announced back in March that the game's European and North American server lists would be getting merged into a single global server list, and while that merger has been slightly delayed, the current plan is to push the list live on May 10th. That means that if all goes well, players from all over the world can play on the game's full complement of servers starting tomorrow.

As the newspost is quick to point out, if any unforeseen difficulties arise during implementation, the team will postpone the merger until such time as it can be implemented without issues. For the altaholics who make up a fairly large portion of City of Heroes' playerbase, however, the merger is unambiguous good news, as it gives more character slots to play with -- and for European players, it means more immediate access to patches and the test server. Global access should be live early tomorrow, so get ready to go worldwide. (And let's not forget the invasions and reactivations just around the corner.)

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