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Dragon Nest closed beta delayed


Nexon's Dragon Nest team announced today that the 3-D brawler's closed beta is being pushed back until June. While this may seem like bad news for fans anticipating the chance to get their hands on the game, Nexon assures us the team felt the decision necessary in order "to provide a polished and positive experience for our players, fans, and testers."

The game -- described by Nexon CEO Daniel Kim as "an action MMO that the company is trying to position as the third point in the 'Triangle of Awesome,' along with Vindictus and Dungeon Fighter Online" -- is a dungeon-crawler wherein the player chooses one of four classes (Warrior, Archer, Cleric, or Sorceress) and ventures with others into a variety of instanced dungeons to take part in fast-paced, combo-based combat against all manners of enemies.

Until the final date for the closed beta is announced, check out Massively's hands-on impressions of the game from PAX East and -- if you haven't already -- head to the Dragon Nest official site to sign up for beta.

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