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Drum sticks, guitar picks for GarageBand for iPad needs support


Aspiring musicians with a gentle touch should check out this project from the Australian group behind the Wallee mount for the iPad. The designers are developing rubberized accessories, branded Pix & Stix, to be used with GarageBand on the iPad 2. The project includes a pair of drum sticks and a guitar pick that lets you use the iPad like a real instrument. Both the sticks and the guitar pick include electro-conductive rubber tips compatible with the iPad's capacitive touchscreen display.

The group is selling a set of two sticks and one pick for US$14.95 in a project that is funded similar to Kickstarter. The group is now accepting pre-orders and production will begin when the project reaches its funding goal. If not enough people jump on the Pix & Stix bandwagon, then your money will be refunded after 30 days. Besides this $15 price tag, iPad musicians may want to figure in the cost of a rider policy that covers cracked screens resulting from an overenthusiastic drum solo.

[Via Gizmodo and MacStories]

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