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Perpetuum launches 15-day free trial

Jef Reahard

Perpetuum's newest expansion officially went live last week, and Terra Incognita brought a bunch of changes to the world of Nia. Chief among them is the doubling of the game world's size, and the extra space makes all the more sense when coupled with the sci-fi sandbox's new free trial.

Said trial gives you 15 days of game time, during which you're free to putter around in your giant mech, exploring six new islands and raining death down on NPCs and your fellow players. The trial does come with a couple of restrictions, namely the inability to trade or join a corporation. Other than that, you can build and fight to your heart's content, as well as check out all the new expansion features like the highway fast travel system, new modules, and a highly customizable event notification system. Head to the official Perpetuum website to sign up!

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