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Report: Sony plans to restart PSN services 'fully' by May 31


While Sony works to restore components of PlayStation Network and its Qriocity music service, a Tokyo-based representative of the company projects that both will be fully restored by the end of May. Speaking to Bloomberg, Shigenori Yushida stated that a complete reboot of Sony's online suite would be initiated by May 31. What exactly comes on before then remains to be seen.

Sony aimed to re-launch some services (including Home, chat functionality and friends lists) during last week, but delayed its plans in order to finalize testing of what it claims is a reconstructed and more secure network. For the time being, Sony will likely focus on getting new PS3 firmware out to allow users to update their usernames and passwords, and restoring online gaming, which has been deactivated since April 20.

Since then, PS3 versions of big releases like Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat have been locked out of online play. To make the timing especially awkward, Splash Damage's multiplayer-focused shooter, Brink, is making its debut this week.

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