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Capcom estimates sales for Operation Raccoon City, SF x Tekken, and other upcoming games


In a document about its "Strategies and Plans" for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012, Capcom provided estimates for how many copies of its upcoming games it expects to sell. Or "plans" to sell, although those plans aren't entirely up to Capcom.

It expects the biggest seller of the fiscal year to be Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, which it estimates will sell 2.5 million units. Following that is Street Fighter x Tekken at 2 million -- a game whose presence suggests a release before next April, even though the date is still listed as "TBA."

The open-world action game Dragon's Dogma is expected to sell around a million and a half, the first step in an initiative mentioned elsewhere in the document: to "develop Dragon's Dogma and Asura's Wrath into new franchises." And Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Capcom's modern-day answer to Final Fight Guy, is expected to sell around 800,000 worldwide.

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