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CCP tweaking EVE jump bridges, eyeing nullsec changes

Jef Reahard

Changes are coming to the lawless regions of EVE Online, and a new CCP dev blog has the details. In a nutshell, CCP devs feel that jump bridges have removed some of the danger inherent in traveling around nullsec, and the company will be tweaking the gameplay accordingly in both the short and long term.

CCP Soundwave blogs about three upcoming adjustments, the first of which is the removal of jumpdrive-equipped ships from the jump bridge eligibility list. Soundwave says this will go live on May 17th and also notes that Black Ops ships are exempt from the new rule (i.e., they can still use the bridges). The other two changes, which involve limiting the number of jumpbridges in a system and upping the respective fuel bays, will go live with EVE's June patch.

Finally, the dev blog hints at more dramatic nullsec changes on the horizon. Soundwave doesn't go into specifics but does say that the region "is in need of a bit of an overhaul."

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