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Dish shows off new three tuner DVRs, multiroom boxes, promises 3D this summer at Team Summit meeting


Over at SatelliteGuys there's a lot of information from last week's Dish Network Team Summit, where it talked about some of the recent developments and made some new product announcements. Some of the new initiatives will let new Dish customers get a free Sling Adapter, 3 months of Blockbuster service free (both go into effect May 18th) while Blockbuster flicks will also be viewable on Dish receivers this summer. Other new developments on the way include 3D channels, with linear channels due this summer and two new set-top boxes in the three tuner XiP 813 and the XiP 110 multiroom extender that streams video from it. If you like to get your satellite on the go, it also showed off a new box called The Tailgater, which is apparently based on King Controls VuCube satellite setup for mobile homes, with will be priced at $349. Check out the post for all the details including hints on the Google TV app stuff that was announced earlier at I/O.

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