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Duke Nukem Forever digital manual refers to Apple's App Store


Stick with us on this one: An industrious Touch Arcade forum goer did a little poking around the Steam page for the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever release (the long, long, loooong-awaited title is finally, supposedly, coming out in June of this year). On that page is a link to the game's manual for the digital release, and in that manual, there's some legal boilerplate lifted straight from Apple's "App Store Additional License Terms."

So there's a few potential things happening there. First up, this could simply mean there's a Mac version of the game on the way to the Mac App Store, though if that was the case, odds are that the game would be released on Steam for Mac as well, and it's not currently listed as a Steam Play title.

Or, as Touch Arcade speculates, there could be a version of Duke Nukem Forever coming to iOS. That's an interesting rumor -- last I heard, Duke Nukem Forever was using a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine 2.5, but of course, Gearbox (the company that has taken over the game to finally finish it), has extensive experience with Unreal Engine 3, an engine we've already seen running successfully on the iPhone. It seems a little much to hope for a full iOS port, but when (if?) Duke finally returns to video gaming, he may arrive on iOS in some form as well.

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