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FIFA Soccer 12 for 3DS finally shows street soccer in 3D


The 3DS is about to get its second soccer title, with the fall release of FIFA Soccer 12. In addition to the normal professional sports simulation, the new title will also simulate street soccer -- played with nothing more than a ball, a perfectly rounded street surface, and you.

The new 3DS FIFA game features "all-new optional touch screen controls," allowing players to pick the destination for the ball and even control the trajectory of their shots by drawing lines. "Over 500 officially licensed clubs" will be available in Career, Tournament, and other modes. That sounds like a lot of clubs! However, if you prefer to see yourself in three simulated dimensions, you can create a player for the curved-pitch 3D Street Soccer mode, and take that player through the FIFA ranks in "Be a Pro" mode.

Perhaps most excitingly you'll be able to play online, a feature that is still frustratingly rare in 3DS games.

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