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Sony Ericsson teaches course on building custom Linux kernels, admission is free

Zachary Lutz

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When Sony Ericsson stepped out of line and opened its bootloader unlocking service, it provided a tacit acknowledgment that users should have the ability to use and abuse their phones however they see fit -- even if it voids the warranty. Frankly, we applaud SE's move, despite the caveat that supported handsets cannot be SIM-locked to a carrier (or CDMA, for that matter). Now, Sony's embracing its own movement and is teaching a free online class (of sorts) on how to build a Linux kernel and flash it to your phone. Of course, the article requires that you get comfy with the command line, but whether you're an Android developer, a casual enthusiast, or a curious observer, this tutorial is worth reading and learning from. Welcome to Computer Lib for the handset generation -- where you can and must understand smartphones now.

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