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Aeria releases new Eden Eternal Warrior video

Jef Reahard

Class systems are sometimes maligned by certain segments of the MMORPG-playing population. Whether these folks feel that classes are too restrictive or simply desire gameplay that deviates from the norm, anti-class rhetoric is fairly common. While Aeria Games' free-to-play Eden Eternal MMO still makes use of traditional MMO class archetypes, one thing the game has in spades is variety.

Eden Eternal allows players to freely swap between 15 classes, one of which is the venerable Warrior and the subject of a newly released video. Warriors, as you might expect, fall under the game's tanking branch. What you might not guess is that in addition to being meatshields, Warriors do respectable damage. The class uses shields, seven different types of axes, five tank branch skills, and seven class-specific skills that you'll see in the trailer. Have a look after the break.

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