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Flipboard daily usage higher than ever, triples in two months


Despite losing truckloads of money, iPad magazine The Daily is apparently seeing a lot of traffic, and content aggregation app Flipboard is seeing the same trend. CEO Mike McCue says the company is seeing a huge slope upwards in traffic, with an average of 8 to 9 million "flips" (essentially pageviews), up from 3 to 4 million just a few months ago. That's some solid growth, probably driven both by sales of the iPad 2 and by tablet growth in general. As we've reported before, as more people learn to use tablets, more people (as you'd expect) actually use tablets.

Unfortunately, there's no news about how all of that traffic is affecting Flipboard's bottom line. Magazines and content aggregators still haven't quite figured out how to turn all of those user numbers into profit numbers. But there is still some life in content on the iPad, despite all of the issues we seem to be hearing about from traditional magazine and newspaper publishers.

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