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More World of Warcraft comics added to contest gallery


Blizzard has updated the comic contest gallery with more leftovers from the community comic contest. You can check out the full gallery at the Blizzard community site. If you go through the gallery, you'll see some familiar art styles from some of the bigger WoW comic artists out there. Plus, the comic that Blizzard linked in the blue post put a smile on my face. Oh, Chimaeron, you are hilarious.

Still in the mood for more WoW comics? WoW Insider has got you covered (as usual) with Amanda Miller's weekly Sunday Morning Funnies and, of course, our very own weekly webcomic by Kelly Aarons. Blizzard knows that there are a lot of WoW comic creators out there and, from their continued support and contests for comic creators, definitely like showing off what the community has to offer.

More World of Warcraft Comics
We have some tasty leftovers from our community comic contest to share. This comic was submitted by Shannon Fowler (Amyiss). Check out the full gallery here.

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