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Soulcalibur V coming to PS3, Xbox 360 in 2012


Namco Bandai's tale of souls and swords, chain whips, undead pirates, gas-mask fetishists, murderous ex-monks, Todd McFarlane rejects, bipedal lizards, elvis impersonators, razor-sharp hula hoops, and Siegfried Schtauffen, will continue in 2012 with the release of Soulcalibur V.

Shown during a press conference at Namco Bandai's "Level Up Dubai 2011" event, Soulcalibur V is set to launch on Xbox 360 and PS3, with a story that takes place 17 years after the faux-historical events of the previous game. At the rate technology is advancing in the Soulcalibur universe -- and the rate at which the women's clothes are shrinking -- we'll probably have all-nude musket duels within the next few games.

Namco has yet to send out a full character roster, but Siegfried and Nightmare already appear in the first trailer. The game's story is focused on a new character called Patroklos, son of Sopithia. Expect to see a little more media when the countdown on the game's teaser website concludes later today.

Update: You'll find the teaser trailer after the break.

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