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TUAW TV "Not So Live": Unboxing fest 2011


Welcome back to another episode of TUAW TV "Not So Live." Yes, I'm still out of town, but I was able to put together a festival of unboxing for your viewing pleasure.

On today's show, you'll see the beautiful and unique Blackbox Case from Golden, Colorado, the Scosche switchBACK surge g4 (the caps and italics are from the manufacturer) battery case for iPhone 4, the Samson Meteor Mic and a feast of goodies from accessory manufacturer Moshi.

You won't need to jump over to Ustream to watch today's show. Instead, just click the read more link at the bottom of this post to see the video in all of its HD glory, or visit YouTube for more viewing options. If you need a chat with the rest of the TUAW TV Live regulars to make it through the week, why not scoot on over to the TUAW TV Live Facebook page and see what's going on. You can also subscribe to the video podcast to watch this and other episodes at your leisure.

Many thanks to Uri Kelman for creating the temporary logo for the show!

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