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Guild Wars 2 content designer goes behind the scenes of city creation

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Yesterday's flyover of Lion's Arch was a big hit with those anticipating Guild Wars 2, made even better with a follow-up blog post from content designer Matthew Medina.

Matthew jumped in to expand on what we saw in the video by giving an extensive look at the design process. It's an interesting combination of virtual architecture, NPC-watching, and attention to details both large and small that works to create such a detailed location. As Matthew puts it, "[W]e're infusing Lion's Arch with all the little touches that we hope will make your downtime between personal story steps and dynamic events as entertaining and immersive as possible!"

The blog post, which includes a new map of Lion's Arch, walks readers through the entire process, beginning with the foundation of a city and ending with final touches such as NPC chatter and visual details.

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