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SOE reveals compensation plan for outage, says at least a few more days until services are restored


Sony Online Entertainment's broken its string of the now-standard "Our games won't be up today" message to deliver substantial news about the restoration of its services and how players will be compensated. "At least a few more days" is all the studio is willing to commit to a time frame before its MMOs come back online, but at least it provides hope to the anxious players waiting to click their Station Launcher icon.

More definite, however, is the plan for how SOE will make good with its playerbase. All current SOE players will receive 30 days of game time added to their accounts plus one day for every day the system's been down. Depending on the game to which players are subscribed, SOE has a list of specific in-game items, currency, Station Cash, events and bonuses ready. This applies to both the studio's PC and PS3 titles.

Finally, all Station Account holders will be enrolled in a complimentary identity theft protection program. U.S. players will be enrolled in Debix for a year, while residents in other countries will be set up with similar services. Codes will be sent out by email for these programs, and U.S. players will need to enroll by June 28th to get the coverage.

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