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Voyage Century Online naval battles detailed

Jef Reahard

With Sony Online Entertainment's Pirates of the Burning Sea down for the proverbial count, nautically inclined gamers are likely looking for smoother waters to sail. IGG's Voyage Century Online may be just what the doctor ordered, and the free-to-play publisher has just issued a new press release detailing the game's naval battle mechanics.

Voyage Century features three types of naval wars: broadside battles, ramming battles, and boarding party battles. Broadsides require a certain amount of control and accuracy, whereas ramming and boarding party skirmishes are all about your sailors' equipment and your captain's fighting skills.

Port towns also offer conflict opportunities for Voyage Century players, and more than 40 of the cities are constantly being attacked by players bent on conquest and resource domination. If any of that tickles your fancy, plot a course to the official Voyage Century website, where you can learn about the game as well as download it.

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