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Xperia Play: PSOne Classics sales slow, Sony promises 'big announcements' at E3


The Xperia Play has yet to launch in the US, but it's already available in the UK, Canada, Ireland and Spain. Since arriving in those regions last month, sales of PSOne titles being offered for the phone haven't exactly been brisk, evidently. Current figures based on the Android Marketplace peg sales at below 1,000 installs for each title: Cool Boarders 2, Destruction Derby, MediEvil, Syphon Filter and Jumping Flash.

Dominic Neil-Dwyer, Head of Market Development at Sony Ericsson, told PlayStation LifeStyle that it's not really a concern. "There's only a few, at the minute, PlayStation One titles there, and there's more coming on a regular basis," he said. "And there's the whole PlayStation as a content provider exclusive to the, there's no concerns, it's a revolutionary device, it's shaking up the market, we're very pleased with it."

As for what the future has in store, he says to look to E3, as more games and support for the device are sure to be announced there. "There'll be more exclusives to come," Neil-Dwyer promised. "We'll be making some pretty big announcements at E3."

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