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Purported 'iPhone 5' case reveals minor changes in next iPhone


On Friday, a rumor broke that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 4S and it will primarily retain the same form factor with a few minor cosmetic changes and some new interior parts. Now today, GadgetsDNA posted a photo of a case purportedly for the iPhone 5, which shows a re-located camera flash.

Besides the camera flash, the case also shows a much thinner bezel. However as MacRumors points out, the manufacturers matching current case for the iPhone 4 also has a thin bezel, so that can't necessarily be taken as sign that the "iPhone 5" will have a thinner bezel. If this case is correct, its "iPhone 5" attribution is likely nothing more than a guess or easy identifier by the manufacturer. Jeffries & Co. analyst Peter Misek claimed Friday that the fifth-generation iPhone that will debut this fall will be called the iPhone 4S.

The image of the "iPhone 5" case showed up on Asian parts supplier site Alibaba. Other cases from manufacturers have shown up on the site purporting to be for future models of iOS devices and they have ended up being correct. Usually when a manufacturer is able to build proper cases for unannounced Apple products, they have gotten the dimensions and specs of the upcoming products from people at Asian manufacturers such as Foxconn. As always, there is no way of telling if this case represents the next iPhone Apple will launch, but it wouldn't be the first time case manufacturers stole a bit of Apple's thunder.

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