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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help find a Dvorak Keyboard for the Mac


Dear Aunt TUAW,

A coworker of mine is wondering if Auntie knows of a good Mac-friendly Dvorak keyboard. Do you know of one?

Your loving nephew,


Dear MJ,

While Auntie understands that Dvorakians are from Mars and Qwertians are from Venus (Auntie being from Venus), she loves you and accepts your keyboard-specific lifestyle choice. As such, she'll try to answer your questions in a non-QWERTYcentric manner.

When it comes to people who dvorak, Auntie's go-to suggestion is usually to pick up some stickers. Everything is software mappable these days, as this Apple support article explains.

However, Auntie understands that you're looking for solutions that are a little more dvorak-y than simple keyboard mapping. So she tweeted for help, and help did, in fact, arrive. Here are a couple of keyboard suggestions from TUAW readers that might serve your friend's needs:

  • Jacob Davis highly recommended the Das Keyboard Ultimate, which sells for about US$135. Its blank keys can merge with Auntie's stickers idea, and in that way, the keyboard becomes Dvorak for you.
  • Mark Gardner suggested picking up the hardwired Matias Dvorak keyboard, which retails for about $100. The keyboard is hardwired as Dvorak from the ground up, but it can be switched to standard QWERTY at will.

Here's hoping these suggestions help out your colleague. Auntie's guessing that some of our readers in the Dvorak community can pitch in as well with their keyboard suggestions.


Auntie "born to QWERTY" T.

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