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PlayStation Network coming online throughout North America


Sony has accomplished what Al Gore is still working on -- America has gone green. That means PlayStation Network should be in the process of coming back online in your state, just in time for you to turn on all your LCD televisions, 7.1 surround sound systems and high-powered consoles, and get back to saving a virtual representation of the planet.

Sony's senior director of corporate communications and social media, Patrick Seybold, notes that it may take some time before servers are populated to the max, so don't panic if you can't access PSN immediately. The first phase of network restoration includes online play, Qriocity, video streaming, friend list functionality and PlayStation Home. The PlayStation Store is still out of commission.

Once signed in, you should be able to change your password, link that copy of Portal 2 to Steam, sync your Trophies and then sink some time into your multiplayer games. Hello, Sunday!

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