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A sneak peek at Salem


Are you tired of the same Orcs-Elves-and-Dwarves high fantasy in your MMORPGs? Perhaps you're looking for something more grounded in reality? Then Salem might just be for you. Instead of dropping you into another Azeroth, it sticks you in Colonial America during the time of the Salem Witch Trials.

Not a whole lot is known about the browser-launched MMO from newcomer studio Paradox Interactive, but has a scoop that reveals a few details. For one, it's not another themepark MMO. It's a sandbox game with a focus on crafting and open PvP. Oh, and one more thing: When you die, you're dead for good. That's right, Salem will feature permadeath. While your new character will inherit your dead one's belongings, you'll still have to develop that new character from scratch.

For full information on this unique new MMO, check out the full article.

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