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Capcom posts Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition FAQ


With the release of the Super Street Fighter 4 "Arcade Edition" DLC upgrade less than a month away -- the retail version will follow on June 28 -- there are some burning questions that must be answered. Capcom has heard the call and clarified several details in a new FAQ.

First and foremost, the full Arcade Edition update will comprise several downloads. Beginning on June 7, an an automatic update will be released to prepare your console or PC for the new content. Then, players choose between purchasing the Arcade add-on or installing the free "Update Kit." The Update Kit will allow vanilla SSF4 players to participate in matchmaking with Arcade Edition owners and will also allow them to spectate Arcade Edition matches. However, those using the Update Kit will not be able to play as or against any of the new characters, and all matches played will default to the original SSF4 character balance.

Additionally, Arcade Edition purchasers will have the option to play with the original character balance, though doing so will disable the new fighters. Head over to Capcom-Unity for more answers.

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