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Monkey Quest hits two million registered users in first month


Nickelodeon's recent kid-oriented MMO Monkey Quest -- which Massively has covered before -- announced today that in its first live month, two million registered users have joined the fray. To celebrate this milestone, Nickelodeon is adding a brand-new storyline known as The Return of the Guardian Knights. This storyline "follows the mystery of the Guardian Knights, a lost patrol of ancient warriors who emerge from the Forgotten Temple after centuries of imprisonment."

Along with a new narrative, the storyline expansion also introduces a brand-new area with "epic quests, ferocious monsters, weapons, abilities, and unique crafting recipes" in addition to adding daily quests. Community events, during which players can receive various gifts, are also on the menu. Players who choose to shell out a bit of cash will also be able to access more challenging areas and be able to "train to become a Guardian Knight." If this sounds like something you'd like to get in on, head on over to the Monkey Quest official site to sign up.

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