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WoW Moviewatch: Depth of Field Wonderland


This video by Baron Soosdon is described on its YouTube page as "not machinima." Of course, the good Baron has the right to say that about any of his work he'd like, but this is still one hell of a gorgeous video. The video is called Depth of Field Wonderland and was created to test out Malu05's machinima tool.

The big deal about Malu05's tool is that it allows machinima creators to introduce depth of field to their creations. Depth of field in photography refers to the areas in front of and behind a subject being in varying degrees of focus. By manipulating depth of field, machinimators like Baron Soosdon can create visual excitement and focus in their work.

The Baron's work is always outstanding and beautiful. Depth of Field Wonderland shows off both the Baron's talent for visuals and imagery as well as the power of Malu05's tool.

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