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Atari seeking to sell Cryptic Studios as another fiscal year ends in losses


In its 2010–11 fiscal year earnings report today, Atari announced it will be dropping, er, "divesting" MMO developer Cryptic Studios. The publisher accounted for the studio under its "discontinued operations" in the report. In other words, it's trying to sell Cryptic.

Overall, Atari reported a net loss of €6.2 million ($8.8 million) for this fiscal year that ended March 31, 2011 -- an admitted improvement over the €19.4 million lost in the previous fiscal year. Cryptic alone was responsible for €5.3 million ($7.5 million) in losses during fiscal 2010–11.

Representatives for Atari and Cryptic declined to offer any statements beyond those in today's financial report. Cryptic's Champions Online went free-to-play earlier this year, and the studio is currently working on a Neverwinter MMO and "Season 4" of Star Trek Online. Atari purchased the developer in 2008 during an optimistic period for the publisher.

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