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Champions Online: Long live the Resistance!


Despite the breaking news of Atari's divesting of Cryptic Studios, it is business as usual for the superhero MMO Champions Online. In fact, the studio has just launched its newest adventure pack, Resistance.

According to Resistance lore, the inventor James Harmon unveiled his latest invention: the Trans-dimensional Teleportal. With a name like that, nothing could go wrong (/sarcasm off)! This device will take our heroes to another dimension called Multifaria, where an evil Citizen Harmon rules over Millennium City with an iron fist. It is up to players level 11 to 40 to join the underground resistance of Multifaria and stop Harmon's reign of terror.

We have added Resistance screenshots to the Champions gallery and have the full Resistance launch trailer after the break. The adventure pack is available for purchase in the C-Store, and for added excitement, the GM team will run Resistance with you May 17th through the 19th starting at 1:30 p.m. EDT in Millennium City. Join the Millennium City chat and wait for GM Tiyshen's group invitation.

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