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Heatwave announces Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising subscription plans

Jef Reahard

Launch day is coming for Gods & Heroes, and Heatwave Interactive has just announced its introductory subscription options for the North American market. The game, which debuts June 21st, will feature the standard month of free gameplay along with retail or digital download purchases.

Subscription deals start at $9.99 for a monthly pass and include three-month ($27.99), six-month ($54.99), 12-month ($99.99), and lifetime options ($199.99). Gods & Heroes allows players to take on the role of heroic demigods battling mythical monsters, commanding squads of minions, and customizing their personal estates, all set against a backdrop of classical Roman mythology. You can learn more about the title, as well as check out pre-order bonuses and sign up for the ongoing beta, at the official website.

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