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Modern Warfare 3 poster offered with early GameStop pre-orders


GameStop has started the pre-order cycle on Modern Warfare 3, with a poster being the hook to get you in the store and invest. The company sent an email to PowerUp Rewards members yesterday saying that it won't publicly announce -- cause, see, you and the other millions of GameStop card holders are special -- the promotion until Friday, May 20, but it is offering a two-sided poster if you come in now.

Your pre-order poster is the standard Modern Warfare 3 art on one side and the other is blurred out in the promotion. However, a kindly tipster sent us what is apparently a picture of the encrypted promotion, depicting a fake TIME magazine cover. The poster is only available in store and quantities are limited. Check out what seems to be on the other side of the poster, after the break.

[Thanks, Anthony]

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