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The Daily Grind: What stock fantasy tropes bore you to death?

Eliot Lefebvre

There are certain fantasy elements that just seem to come up time and again, no matter the game. With fantasy being the dominant genre for MMOs, even less-traditional fantasy games such as RIFT tend to fall into certain standard models. Elves and Dwarves run about, with the former in forests and the latter in mountains. Warhammer Online draws upon some of the setting's unique flavor, but amidst the Chaos, cults we still find savage Orcs, good High Elves, and super-evil Dark Elves.

Reading enough fantasy and playing enough fantasy games can start to feel like rehashes of the same material at times, since so many different games draw from the same well. So what fantasy tropes particularly get under your skin? Is it a certain set of racial traits, a tendency toward the same sort of stories in quests, or just a general feel? Whether you love or hate fantasy settings, what tropes of the genre bore you to death?

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