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Biometric face recognition for jailbroken iPhones with RecognizeMe


Have you ever wished your iPhone 4 would recognize your face and let you past the lock screen? RecognizeMe, a facial recognition lock screen tweak for the jailbroken iPhone 4, does just that.

Simply hit the RecognizeMe button on the lock screen and let the phone scan your face using the front facing camera. The app can be trained to recognize your ugly mug, while the threshold for a match is adjustable. If RecognizeMe confirms your identity, it'll unlock your iPhone. If a match isn't found, it'll prompt you to enter your password, so at least you can't be locked out of your phone if you haven't shaved this morning or (gasp!) this month.

There are drawbacks to RecognizeMe, however. One is that it takes time to scan your face -- long enough that it would have been quicker to enter in your PIN or password manually. Secondly, it should also work off a 2D image, which means anyone with a photo of you can trick it into unlocking your iPhone. Still, it's a novelty that could be useful, and it's certainly something we'll want to see more of going forward.

RecognizeMe will be available for purchase in the Cydia store soon (it wasn't available at the time of writing) for a launch price of US$6.99. Read on for a video of the app in action.

[via Redmond Pie]

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