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Digitimes: LTE iPhone in 2012, Apple lowering iPhone 4 orders


Digitimes reports that Apple has lowered its iPhone 4 shipment volume for calendar Q2 2011 in anticipation of slower sales as the company prepares to unveil a new iPhone in September. Digitimes says supply chain makers have confirmed Apple has lowered iPhone 4 shipments from 20 million units down to 17.5-18 million units. Of those, 16 million units will be the GSM version, while 1.5-2 million units will be the CDMA version.

In a second report, Digitimes says Apple is unlikely to unveil an LTE-equipped iPhone before 2012. This isn't really new; there have been numerous reports that LTE chipsets aren't currently made small enough to fit in the iPhone's form factor, and even if they were, they aren't available in the quantity Apple would need to satiate consumer demand for the next iPhone.

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