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Open beta starts tomorrow for Asda 2

Eliot Lefebvre

Open betas are a magical time, a time when players can all take part in a new game before release without having to actually pay to get in. Of course, potential players of Asda 2 are already in the boat of not having to pay, as the game is an upcoming free-to-play title. But the game's open beta begins tomorrow regardless, and to help entice more players into the testing phase, the staff is running a number of promotions.

Players who log in throughout the open beta or advance their Soul Mate bonds the fastest will be eligible to win some Campus Cash (the microtransaction currency for the game). Lucky Monster tokens can also be collected throughout the beta, giving players a chance to win iPods, a 3DS, and other prizes. If Asda 2's anime-style artwork and relationship system seem like the sort of thing you'd enjoy, be sure to check out the beta starting tomorrow.

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