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The Daily Quest: 5x2

Anne Stickney

WoW Insider's on a Daily Quest to bring you interesting, informative, and entertaining WoW-related links from around the blogosphere.
Every once in a while, someone posts something that generates a lot of interest in the blogosphere, resulting in a small waterfall of posts around the same topic. Today, we're going to look at posts regarding a topic suggested by our own Mat McCurley over on Twitter: How do you set up a UI for each class into five buttons, one modifier key and a middle mouse click? That's 11 buttons to play with and still have your character perform just as well as anyone else out there. The concept is an interesting one, and a group of bloggers decided to tackle the idea for themselves.
If you'd like to try your hand at the 5x2 challenge, be sure to mention any posts to Fel Concentration, who is keeping track of it all in one handy place!

Is there a story out there we ought to link or a blog we should be following? Just leave us a comment, and you may see it here tomorrow! Be sure to check out our WoW Resources Guide for more WoW-related sites.

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