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The world is your oyster: Dawn of Fantasy dev diary demonstrates Kingdom Wars mode


If you liked Dawn of Fantasy's first developer diary showcasing the MMORTS' Stronghold Defense mode, then buckle up, because here we go again!

This time, 505 Games' Gordon Farrell and Arielle Parkas up the ante by demonstrating the Kingdom Wars feature. Unlike the hop-in-and-out Stronghold Defense matches, Kingdom Wars challenges you to go on a global crusade to conquer all of the lands. It's here that you'll be building an army from scratch, laying siege to cities for their resources, engaging in diplomacy, and accomplishing quests -- all while fending off feisty computer and player forces.

Kingdom Wars offers both single-player and multiplayer options, and players can pick of the three factions to rule. Of course, world-conquering isn't done by feats of martial skill alone; a shrewd king knows that creating a strong economy is a necessary foundation for victory.

You can check out the full developer diary for this intriguing Dawn of Fantasy game mode after the jump!

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